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History of Kusadasi County

Kuşadası is county of Aydın City and is situated 71km northwest of Aydın and 95 km from İzmir City centres respectively.

Kuşadası, located on the Aegean shore, is one of the prominent tourism spots of Turkey.

The surface area of Kuşadası is 264 Km2 and the registered population is 103.849 people, according to census records carried out in 2016.

It is presumed that the first establishment was on the Yılancı Cape near Kuşadası by Ionians under the name of “Neopolis” and was under the ruling of Ephesus.

The city was founded on the skirts of Pilavtepe known as Andızkulesi initially. This Byzantium shore was dominated by the Venetians and Genoese for a short period of time and due to the city access difficulties Kuşadası was moved from its existing location of Andızkulesi to its current location of Yeni İskele (Scala Nuova).

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